SAVITRI YOGA is a yoga teaching experience currently based in Berlin, Germany.  We exist and share our knowledge and learning also in Italy. We teach in English and Italian.We are thankful to the encounter with Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda Yogi, the Silent Yogi of Madras (Chennai), India, and  Walter Thirak Ruta -the former the master and the latter his worthy repositary. Their wisdom, their teachings and luminous generosity.

BARTERING is accepted as a valid form of currency for Yoga teaching. To be agreed with the teachers.

CONTACT US HERE: savitriyogaberlin@gmx.de


A note from the teachers 

What we do, and why

We share the teachings we received and we practice thankful and aware of their richness, their origins, and their importance for the single individual and for the wide community.

We do it because we believe it is right to give back what we received, which in our case enriched and transformed our lives and our way of understanding the body, and the potentiality of the time we are given to live in it.

The practice of Presence, exercised and then applied to ordinary life, helps us to investigate and appreciate who we are and what we ‘have’, creating a distance to the small and un-necessary burden we build through life. Yoga practice brings us back to the essential, and to the recognition of necessities and priorities, creating perspective, space, and awareness. We gradually learn to respond to the challenges of life in better conditions improving our lives, and our encounter with the other.

How we do it.

We do it with the weapons of Hatha Yoga. Yoga arose in ancient India through the wisdom of people that practiced and investigated humanity through centuries. It is an empirical system of knowledge than can be applied to all degrees of awareness and needs and can be brought to the highest levels of understanding and abstraction, as well as to the most physical or practical realms.

Our Hatha Yoga can be harsh and straining, as well as gentle and inwardly directed, we can sweat and feel strong, weak, we can face difficulties but the whole experience is balanced according to personal history, possibilities, and necessities. We embrace Yoga as a non-competitive and non-performing practice, but as an instrument that each of us can tune to its life and needs. During the yoga practice we invite people to give their best and reach a communication with their own limits and thresholds, in order to enable transformation and empowerment.

We are devoted and grateful to all the people that taught us.

Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda Yogi’s teachings are the main source of our Yoga, especially through the inheritance He left in the hands of our Master Walter Thirak Ruta, of Ventimiglia’s Pramiti Yoga School. In our practice we also bring in elements of other yoga and teaching experiences such as Sivananda, Anusara, ancient retrieved Eastern Tibetan Yoga from Rinchen Sangpo, but also different experiences such as practicing Discipline in more than ten years attendance to Robert Fripp’s Guitar Craft courses, Tai Chi and Kung Fu teachings, Shantala Massage.

Jacopo, Sarah, Berlin March 2015



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